The air tickets are going on sale today and you can get yours now, but if you can’t get in to watch the World Cup then you can buy them now.

Australia and New Zealands air travel companies are offering free flights to and from Australia and will also be charging people to travel between the two countries.

The free flights will go from Wednesday to Friday, starting from 7:00pm AEDT and running through to Saturday.

If you want to travel to the tournament in Brazil, you can book online.

Tickets for the two-day World Cup will be available to buy online from the following airlines: United Airlines, Qantas, Virgin Australia, WestJet, Cathay Pacific and Jetstar.

There will also have to be a deposit to buy tickets.

Check your ticket details online from today.

You can book air tickets online with the following links: and and get more information about the air travel to and fro the tournament.

To find out more about how much you’ll pay to go to Australia and for how long you’ll be flying, you’ll want to read this article.

And if you’ve got any questions about the World Cups tickets you can email them to [email protected] or call 1300 555 0025.