Swift Air is bringing its first ever ticket-free sky tours to Melbourne on Saturday, July 6.

The skies are now free to all, but for those with an urgent need to make an appointment with a flight attendant, there will be a new ticket-swap service for $40.

The tour operator has partnered with the local ABC radio station to run a free air tour every day starting at 10am.

A special section will be created for those who have a specific booking need.

A selection of free flights will be available, including:Blue, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, SkyTeam, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Helicopter, Virgin Air, Virgin America, Virgin Ocean, Virgin Trains and Virgin America Airways.

The free air tours will be the first to be offered at this time.

In an effort to encourage people to book their flights early, Swift Air has launched a new website, SwiftAirTickets.com, where those with urgent booking needs can book a free flight.

The Swift Air website also features a list of free and discounted flights available.

For those who don’t have a flight booked, Swift has partnered up with ABC radio’s Sunrise and Sunrise News to give them free tickets for their flights.

The air tour operators have also launched a website to promote the tour and the opportunity to get an air ticket, SwiftairTickets.co.nz.

For more information on the Swift Air tickets fair, visit www.swiftairtickets.com.au.

The full list of Swift Air Sky Tour tours is available on the website.