Bitcoin is still an exotic currency, but there’s now an easy way to buy tickets for some of the world’s biggest airlines.

Airlines are increasingly embracing the digital currency as a means of payment, but some are reluctant to embrace it entirely, and some of their most popular airlines have struggled to find ways to support the growing use.

In a recent survey conducted by travel agent Zagat, a majority of the airlines surveyed said they were not able to accept Bitcoin, while some had yet to adopt Bitcoin at all.

“Airline customers are very eager to use Bitcoin, and many of them are already using it in their everyday life, but they’re still not able, in our opinion, to purchase tickets online,” said Zagatt CEO Andrey Gubarev.

In order to make their flights more secure, airlines need to offer Bitcoin at a price that will satisfy both customers and airline staff.

“We need to be able to sell tickets for the same price as other tickets on the market, which means we need to increase our price by at least 10 percent,” Gubararev said.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that’s currently worth around $400 but has risen in value in recent weeks, rising to around $1,000 last week.

It’s not yet clear how much the airlines are willing to pay in order to sell their tickets in Bitcoin.

“The problem is the companies need to understand how to do this,” said Gubaren.

Airline staff can accept Bitcoins through a Bitcoin wallet, which stores bitcoins in a virtual currency known as a wallet.

The airline staff is then responsible for verifying that the wallet is valid and validating the transactions, but it’s up to them to do so if they want to buy or sell Bitcoin.

Zagat has asked all the world-class airlines whether they support Bitcoin at their airports.

The airlines that did not respond to the survey are:Airbus, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad, Etixx, Ryanair, and Cathay Pacific.

For now, the airline industry is taking it one step at a time, but Bitcoin is set to be a major trend in the near future.

In addition to the major airlines, some other major travel companies are also taking the lead in accepting Bitcoin, including Amazon, Best Western, Expedia, and JetBlue.