Air travelers are reporting delays on Friday as voters begin to cast ballots in the November 6 election.

The Air Travel Association, the industry’s trade group, reported that planes arriving in Denver on Friday were experiencing delays of up to 45 minutes.

“This is not an uncommon situation.

But it’s a major issue,” the association said in a statement.

“It means that, in many cases, we’re seeing delays of 15 minutes or more on our planes.

It means our planes can’t fly as quickly as we would like, and it means that our flight crews are stretched thin.”

Airline groups are also scrambling to adjust operations and schedule the best possible travel.

Air Canada said it will open four new international hubs in Canada, and JetBlue has announced that it will start offering more than 150 flights a day to Alaska, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands and Guam.

The Association of American Travel Agents said it had already seen “record traffic” on Friday, as more than 8,000 people checked in to vote early in the morning.

But many were not sure what was going to happen, and many were concerned about the impact of the long lines.

“We’ve seen a lot of frustration over the last two days,” said Mike Kline, an AATA president.

“People are worried.

They want to vote.”

The FAA is expected to issue a final ruling on voting in less than 24 hours.

Follow AP election coverage at:Associated Press election coverage in:USA,politics,politics/elections,election,american-politics,candidate Donald Trump source The Associated Press title Polls show Donald Trump leading Donald Trump in Pennsylvania article The final vote count in the presidential race is coming in, but it is not looking good for Donald Trump, who is down by 10 points nationally.

The Associated States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Trump’s share of the vote is down to 43.8 percent.

It is up by 5 points from the first week of the race.

Trump is also losing support from Republican voters, while Hillary Clinton is up.

The Democratic candidate is up, but her numbers are down among independent voters and among Democrats who are not affiliated with either major party.

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