Airline flights at Newark Liberty International Airport are being canceled as Tropical Storm Allison passes through the area.

The storm is moving towards the northeast and is expected to make landfall in Delaware County on Monday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The airport has cancelled most flights to and from Newark.

There are flights scheduled to arrive from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland, according the NHC.

For more than a week, there were no flights arriving from New York.

The New York state Department of Transportation said it was temporarily halting operations at Newark and other major airports to accommodate the anticipated heavy rainfall and power outages.

It will reopen Monday and is still working to reopen airports throughout the state by late Tuesday.

Newark Airport has had to cancel about 600 flights and shut down some other terminals.

The airport has also been shut down in several other cities, including New Orleans and Atlanta.

The city has said that some flights will be delayed.

Airport officials say they are not aware of any delays, but officials have told travelers to plan for it.

The storm is expected as a Category 4 or 5 hurricane.

A number of airports have been closed due to the storm.