A new study by Irish researchers suggests that ticket prices in Ireland have risen by more than €100 per person since the Brexit vote, according to online ticketing platform Ticketmaster.

In a report for the Irish Times, TripAdvisor Irish Traveller said that between September 2017 and September 2018, the price of a single trip from Ireland to another country jumped by more then 30 per cent.

The Irish Times understands that the average price of travel from Ireland is about €100.

However, there were some differences in terms of price across different areas.

The report said that from September 2018 to September 2019, the average cost of a two-way trip from Dublin to Galway was €60, compared to €40 for the same trip from Galway to Dublin.

On average, the cost of travel to Dublin from Cork in September was €57.

The study also found that prices in Cork and Dublin increased significantly since the summer of 2018.

The price increase in Dublin, for example, rose by 40 per cent in just three months between January 2019 and September 2019.

TripAdvisor also noted that prices had increased by nearly 50 per cent since March 2018, suggesting that people are paying more for their travel.

According to TripAdvisors figures, the highest price increase was in Galway, where prices increased by almost 60 per cent over the same period.

On the other hand, prices in Dublin have increased by more, although it’s unclear whether the increase is because of a new Irish government or the rise in demand from tourists.

The article also noted the “massive surge” in demand for Irish travel, with prices on travel to other countries increasing by more in 2018 than they had in the past.

It’s not the first time that TripAdmins prices have risen.

In July 2018, it was revealed that the cost per person in Ireland was up €5,000 in just seven months, compared with a year earlier.

However it’s not known how much the increase was due to Brexit or other factors, and whether it was driven by increased demand.