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How to get an air ticket in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia from US to Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia

Expedia, one of the world’s largest travel sites, has launched a service in Mexico and Colombia, offering to buy flights from US carriers for as little as $9.95 each way.That price is significantly lower than the US’s $199-per-person airfare from American airlines.It is also cheaper than airfare purchased from foreign carriers, like Ryanair, Delta and […]

How to find air freight tickets for Greece

A Greek air freight ticket can be booked online for €6.80 at air freight.com, but a carrier that will deliver it will need a passport or visa.The airline that will carry it needs to be registered as a registered air carrier.To get a passport, you need to have one.If you don’t have one, the airline […]

How to book Cathay Air ticket deals

The airline will soon be the first in the world to offer flights to and from Cathay airport, in the south of Taiwan.The airline said on Thursday that its flights from and to Taiwan will be available on April 6, 2018.They will be the cheapest fares to and fro, said Cathay Airlines CEO Lin Tai-chung.A […]