The Southwest Airlines app has raised concerns about a ticketing system that gives a customer access to the flight and then automatically sends them a text message to let them know when they have to change seats, a consumer watchdog said Monday.

The company said in a statement that it is “aware of reports of potential problems with the Southwest Airlines Air Ticketing app.”

“We have been working closely with our partners at Southwest to develop a comprehensive review of our system and we are committed to taking the necessary steps to address the issue,” the airline said.

The airline said the problems are “primarily due to a limited number of customers having access to a non-standard app for a short time after purchasing a Southwest Airlines flight.”

The Southwest app, a smartphone application for Southwest Airlines, allows customers to add seats and then request a boarding pass when they check in for the flight.

But the airline is asking customers to be more careful when logging in to the app.

“As soon as we received reports of an issue with the app, we immediately reviewed the issue and found that a limited percentage of the app’s users had access to certain sections and that the remaining users had not been able to access the app or log in,” Southwest said.

“We are working to ensure that our users have access to all sections of the ticketing app and are ensuring that those affected users have the ability to access all sections.”

In a statement, Southwest Airlines said that it has identified a number of users who had not logged in to their Southwest Airlines account, but that the airline has been working with them to help resolve the issue.

“These are customers who purchased Southwest Airlines tickets on their smartphones but have not been logged into their account since boarding,” Southwest Airlines stated.

“Our goal is to improve the customer experience for all of our customers by providing the most accurate and complete ticketing information possible and to ensure we are providing the best possible customer experience.”

Southwest Airlines also said it will be providing an update to the Southwest app in the coming days, adding that the company will also be working with the airlines to update their ticketing systems and systems for other airlines.