Why is the British Airways Air reservation ticket for a flight to Berlin costing more than the ticket for the same flight to London?

The price of a reservation ticket has been rising significantly on many airlines, particularly for flights to London.Air New Zealand and British Airways have increased their ticket prices on flights to Berlin to $2,500 and $2.50 respectively, and Virgin Atlantic has also increased its price of the same ticket to London by 50p.However, you can […]

Which airline is best for air travel?

The U.S. airline industry is a big, noisy, messy business.But there’s one area where the airlines are really doing their best: flying on airplanes that are actually designed to fly.As of July 30, all of the major U.K.-based carriers had set up shop in India, including British Airways, EasyAir, Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet.The carriers […]