Omen, Egypt — As the flames continue to rage in Egypt’s capital, a woman and her husband are scrambling to find an air ticket for their daughter to attend a concert.

It’s not easy, said Khaled Abdel, who was driving on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital on Monday, trying to find the cheapest ticket.

The ticket had been offered by an official of the United Arab Emirates Embassy, but the woman and his son had not received the confirmation that their daughter was to attend the concert.

The woman said she was so angry, she was not able to get through to the Embassy in time to get her daughter the ticket.

The emirates embassy has not responded to NBC News’ requests for comment.

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior has also declined to comment on the case, saying it was not in charge of the ticket sales.

The Emirates Embassy, in a statement to NBC, said it “did not receive any ticket information for the concert scheduled for Sunday, December 19.”

The family of Nasser al-Bakr has been on the verge of losing hope, said the family’s son, Nasser.

When he tried to contact the embassy on Monday to check on the ticket, they said the emirate had no information about the concert and they were not allowed to speak with anyone.

Nasser said he and his family were worried about what would happen to the daughter, who had no money.

He said they were worried that the emirs family would not know the date of the concert because of the travel ban on Egypt and that the family would need to travel to Saudi Arabia for a ticket.

Nassar and his wife have a 4-year-old daughter, Nadeem.

Nasser has been trying to convince the emiri government to release Nadeema from the military prison she was held in after she was arrested in 2015.

Nasseem is one of hundreds of thousands of Egyptians being held in military prisons in a military takeover.

Nader Abdel-Hadi, who has been helping organize a protest rally against the government, said he has not been able to reach the government to find out if Nasser’s daughter will be able to attend.

He said that he and other demonstrators will continue to fight the government’s takeover.

He added that his family is planning to go to Saudi Arabian Arabia to see Nasser and to speak to her.

He has been calling the emires embassy to ask for an explanation.

He also has appealed to other Egyptians to get out of the country, which is one reason why so many Egyptians are staying in hotels in the capital.