More than 2,500 air travel agencies and travel agents are offering free tickets to the Oscars for the first time.

The new app, called AirTicket, was launched last month, and it’s now available to Apple Watch and Google Glass users.

The app will let you scan your boarding pass and book an appointment with your preferred airline, and you can also use the app to scan your passport, buy tickets and even book a hotel room.

This year, some travel agencies are offering additional perks like complimentary tickets to some festivals and movie premieres, as well as the ability to reserve a seat in the VIP area at the event.

We caught up with some of the industry leaders to find out what you can expect when you get your free ticket to the 2017 Oscar Awards.

AirTicket is the most affordable way to book air travel for the Oscars.

The fee is $29.99 and the app is available for iPhone and iPad, as of now.

Here’s how you can find out if you qualify:1.

Select “Airport” as the category and enter your airline’s name and the airport’s address.2.

Select your preferred option from the dropdown menu: Airmail, AirTrip, AirCards, or Air Tickets.

You can also add a category of your choice to see the list of airlines that offer free tickets.3.

Scroll down and tap “Get Tickets” at the bottom of the screen.4.

Tap “Air Ticket.”

This will open the app with a small icon on the top left of the page.5.

Select the airline that you want to buy your tickets from.

If you want more than one ticket, you’ll need to scroll down a bit and tap the checkbox next to each airline.6.

Choose your preferred type of ticket: Air Tickets, Air Tickets Plus, or Business Tickets.7.

Enter your preferred airport in the box next to “Select Airport”.8.

You’ll see a list of all the airline’s ticket agents that accept the app.

If there are no agents listed, check “Add Agents”.9.

Select a “Valid Airline” check box and then tap “OK”.10.

Scroll to the bottom and select “Apply.”

The app now downloads the tickets and automatically processes them.

The booking process will continue until the ticket is fulfilled.

To get more info on the apps, check out the official AirTickets page.

The new AirTix app offers free air travel, so it’s a great option for anyone with a smartphone or tablet.

The company is also looking into a free-to-air option.

AirTickets has partnered with the American Airlines Group to provide the app, but it’s unclear if AirTissons will offer other airlines the same service.

Airtickets, Air Tix, and AirTicks Plus are now available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.