A ticket to Paris, Milan or New York can be a bargain, but buying a ticket from the U.S. to a new city can be more expensive.

Here’s how to save money on airfares to Paris or Milan and the rest of Europe.


Airfare costs can vary wildly based on where you’re going The United States is the largest contributor to international air travel, with about 10 percent of all international flights originating in the country.

That’s a far cry from the rest, with Canada, Mexico and China contributing about 3 percent each, according to the International Air Transport Association.

The cost of airfare varies depending on the country and airline.

For example, a one-way ticket to New York City costs $6,800 at the U-Haul, but a one way ticket to Milan or Paris costs $2,800.

The difference can make a huge difference, especially if you’re heading to Europe on business.

For instance, a return flight from New York to Milan costs about $2.4 million, while a return trip from Milan to New Jersey costs about a quarter that amount.


Many airlines charge more to get the ticket to your destination than it costs to fly The United Arab Emirates is the world’s biggest carrier, but its prices are a bit more expensive than those of European carriers.

For an international flight from Dubai to New Delhi, you’d pay $8,000 for the ticket, but you’d have to pay $7,200 for the flight if you booked through the UAW.

For a return to Dubai, you would have to spend $4,400, which would bring your cost to $7.7 million.


Many flights cost more to fly than they are worth Airline travel is a big part of your overall budget.

So are the fares you pay on top of it.

Here are the best international airfairs and how much they cost, based on price and departure time.

The best airfests and flights The world’s top airfarts are the ones you actually want to fly.

Check out the top 10 best international airlines and see how much each airline is charging for international travel.

1) Dubai Airways Dubai Airways is the only carrier that offers flights to and from Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirate.

The airline offers international flights from more than 100 destinations around the world, including Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

Dubai’s flights are affordable, too, as it is one of the cheapest airlines in the world to fly to, according a 2013 report from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The average ticket from Dubai International Airport to Milan, Milan, London, Paris or Rome for a one to two-week stay is about $10,800, and the average return flight costs about the same.

2) Norwegian Air The Norwegian Air brand is based in Oslo, Norway, and has been around since 2002.

It is the first Norwegian airline to operate from the country’s capital, Oslo, and is also one of only two airlines in Europe that offers domestic flights from Oslo to Milan.

The company charges a standard international fare of about $11,200 per flight, but can get you to Milan for $12,000 in one-stop, one-and-a-half-hour flights.

For more information on international travel, check out the best European airlines.

3) Air France and British Airways There are a few other European airlines that are known for low fares and frequent international flights.

British Airways flies to a number of European destinations, but it also offers flights from London to Milan and from Paris to London.

The British Airways flights are cheap, but the price will likely drop as you get closer to your next destination.

British has flights to Milan from London and Paris from Paris.

4) EasyJet Air The most popular domestic carrier in the United States, EasyJet flies to more than 300 destinations around North America.

The cheapest international fare is $4.25 per seat, but that’s a lot of seats to pay for international flights, according the Airline Finance blog.

Airline fares can be high, too.

A flight from Boston to Tokyo costs $12.50 one way, but one from Tokyo to New Orleans is $21.50.

You’d have a hard time saving that much if you book through the American Airlines website.

The American Airlines flights to Japan cost about $724 per seat.

5) JetBlue The most famous domestic carrier, JetBlue flies to New England, Boston, New York, Chicago, Miami and other major cities.

The flights are expensive, but they are also affordable.

JetBlue’s flights to Europe start at $6.25 one way for one- and two-night stays, and a round-trip flight from Paris starts at about $1,100.

6) Aer Lingus Aer Ling and Virgin Atlantic are the two other European carriers that have low fares.

Virgin Atlantic flights from the