Airshow tickets are available to purchase for airshowgoers in the capital, Canberra, and the surrounding areas, including Sydney.

There are also a number of travel options available for people who want to attend the event, including flights to Sydney from Brisbane and Perth.

To get a hold of the information and booking forms for the airshows in Canberra, check the Canberra Airport’s website.

The airshow will be held on April 3 and 4.

Tickets for the Canberra airshow go on sale on April 14.

If you are travelling from Brisbane or Perth to the Canberra airport, you can book tickets online or call the Airshow Ticket Office on 1800 674 733.

Airshow information is available from the Canberra Airshow website.

For information on airshow events around Australia, see the Airshows Australia website.

How to buy tickets from the air shows Australian airshow organisers are offering discounted tickets for people from regional Australia to attend.

If the air show is in your region, you should contact your regional Airshow Council or Airshow Board to book tickets.

If it is in the other state, they can contact you directly.

Check the website to find out more about airspares.