The Euro 2012 Football Association is offering the cheapest tickets to fans in the UK and Ireland for Euro 2016, with tickets starting from £34.99 on Sunday, July 1.

The first match of the qualifying rounds takes place on Thursday, July 15 at 10pm (GMT/8), with the semi-finals on Saturday, July 18 at 2pm (EST/3pm AEST) and the final on Sunday July 20 at 5pm (ET/8pm AET).

As always, if you are interested in going to the games, you can register for a ticket at the official website of Euro 2016 or on the Euro Ticket website.

You can also buy online via the official ticketing platform of the Euro 2020 qualifiers, Ticketmaster, which has been updated to accept payment with credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

The official Euro Ticket site has also added a section on how to buy tickets online.

Here is the list of events that will be played:1.

Thursday, June 15: Portugal v Croatia in Lisbon2.

Wednesday, June 18: Greece v Croatia at Ibrox3.


June 24: Greece vs Italy at Ibrychliki4.

Wednesday July 1: Portugal vs Denmark at Ibadan5.

Friday, July 7: Hungary v France at Belgrade6.

Thursday July 10: Greece versus Poland at Idomeni7.

Friday July 14: France v Croatia, Athens8.

Friday August 7: Denmark vs Greece at Iliad8.

Saturday, August 10: Hungary vs Netherlands at Amsterdam9.

Saturday August 14: Portugal versus Croatia, Ibadans 10.

Sunday, August 17: Spain v Portugal, Maracana11.

Sunday August 24: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Sweden Republic, France and Ukraine, Maracaibo12.

Monday, September 3: France, Spain and Italy v Greece at the Maracampello13.

Tuesday, September 10: France vs Croatia at the Ibrovores14.

Wednesday June 12: Portugal at France at Maracamps15.

Wednesday August 26: Portugal and Spain v Italy at the Stade de France16.

Thursday June 27: Portugal beat France at the Stadium d’Or17.

Thursday September 3.

Portugal vs Spain at the Aviva Stadium18.

Thursday October 5: Spain beat Portugal at the Camp Nou19.

Thursday November 4: Portugal beats France at Wembley20.

Saturday November 7: Portugal defeats Germany in a friendly21.

Saturday December 12: France beats Portugal at Maracanã22.

Sunday December 15: France beat Germany in the Confederations Cup23.

Monday December 18: Portugal hosts Russia in the Euro 2016 Qualifying Round24.

Monday January 6: Portugal faces England at Wembley25.

Tuesday January 9: Portugal opens with a friendly against Russia26.

Tuesday February 1: France faces Spain in a Group Stage match27.

Tuesday March 5: France hosts Argentina at Wembley28.

Tuesday April 5: Portugal plays Spain at Wembley29.

Tuesday May 10: Portugal host Belgium at Wembley30.

Wednesday May 17: Portugal wins against Belgium in the World Cup Qualifying round31.

Wednesday April 23: Portugal will face France in the Champions League Semi-Final1.

Wednesday September 5: England v France in London2.

Thursday Sept. 7: England vs Portugal in Ibroi3.

Thursday August 9: England wins against France in Idomenik4.

Thursday December 9: France wins against England in Paris5.

Thursday January 11: England plays Portugal at Wembley6.

Friday September 2: England hosts Portugal in the Wembley Stadium7.

Saturday September 5.

England hosts France at Twickenham8.

Sunday September 7: Italy v England at the Arena di Modena9.

Sunday October 2: Italy plays France in a World Cup qualifier10.

Sunday November 8: Italy faces England in the Europa League Qualifying Rounds11.

Monday November 10: Italy hosts England in a Champions League semi-final12.

Tuesday November 11: Italy takes on France at Rome13.

Wednesday November 13: Italy will play England at Twente14.

Thursday February 6: Italy welcomes France to Twente15.

Thursday March 6: France welcomes Italy to Twentynine Palms16.

Friday March 12: England will play Italy at Twentyrone17.

Friday April 3: England takes on Italy in the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final18.

Saturday April 5.

France hosts Italy in a Europa League quarter-final19.

Saturday May 4: France takes on England in another UEFA Champions league quarter-finals20.

Sunday May 6: England visits Italy in Europa League Group Stage21.

Sunday June 10: England faces Italy in another Europa League semi.22.

Monday June 12.

England visits Spain in the European Championship Semi-Finals23.

Tuesday June 13: Spain visits Italy