A refund can be made on tickets booked through the ticket portal of Air India ticketing agency.

This portal is one of the major portals of the Indian airlines, providing an opportunity to book tickets for domestic flights from abroad.

If you need to pay for your ticket in India, you can pay online at the portal and receive a refund in the mail.

However, the portal is also a good option for travellers with limited means.

For example, if you are a student or an aspiring artist and you want to book a flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru, the cheapest option is to book on the portal, but it will be more expensive.

However, you will get a better price if you book on one of their booking platforms.

If you are an international student or aspiring artist, you may be able to book online through their portal as well.

If that is the case, you must submit the following documents:A copy of the relevant visa and/or immigration documents (like your passport) for the person you are interested in booking the ticket with, as well as a photo of the person that you are going to book the ticket for.

You must submit a deposit of Rs. 2,000 for the reservation fee.

A deposit of less than Rs. 1,000 can also be waived.

If the booking portal does not have a refund mechanism, you should contact them directly and arrange for the refund.

They may refund your ticket, but you should ensure that you do not exceed the booking fee.

You should also contact them for other reasons.

For instance, if the reservation does not come through, or you do have any queries, you might want to contact the airline and arrange a meeting for that purpose.

For more information, read the FAQ section on the ticket booking portal.

A few years ago, the booking service was launched on the website of Indian Airlines.

This platform is still a good alternative for travellers and you can get a flight booked through it.

If the ticket is booked through this platform, the ticket can be booked on the airline portal.

If it does not offer any refund mechanism for domestic ticket, you need a refund online from their portal.

The booking portal is a good way to book flights from India.

It is a reliable and trustworthy portal, and offers a good price for international students and aspiring artists.

However it is not as flexible as the other portals.

There are no refunds or refunds for international flights booked through Air India portal.