In November, airlines started charging more for international flights in China, where they were being shut out.

But now the country is also cracking down on foreign flights.

This week, China announced that it will impose stricter regulations on domestic flights. 

The country’s airlines are not allowed to charge extra fees for international travel, which could be seen as an attempt to restrict the number of people who can take advantage of these deals. 

Now, China’s airline industry has begun making its case to international passengers to change their minds.

A spokesman for China Airlines said in an interview with Bloomberg that the airlines are trying to convince travelers to stay longer. 

“It’s a very important part of our business model, so we have to work with our customers, and our customers are our business partners, and they have a right to know how long they can expect to stay with us,” he said. 

One of the main selling points for China’s domestic carriers is that they are the only ones able to offer international flights.

Airlines have been allowed to offer more than half of all domestic flights in the country. 

While airlines have been making big efforts to lure travelers away from other airlines, it seems that they’ve also been doing more to keep foreign travelers from visiting the country and making its economy look better. 

China has been one of the biggest destinations for travelers from the Middle East and Africa, who have been using the country as a staging ground for travel to other countries.

The country also hosts the world’s largest Chinese diaspora, with the country’s total population growing by more than 15 million people in the past decade. 

This year, China was ranked as the sixth most popular destination for international tourists by Travel & Leisure, with an estimated 30 million international visitors.