The best way to find Iran Air flights is to search through the Iran Air website, which is the primary source for booking flights.

That’s why it’s helpful to have a list of Iranian airlines on hand, such as Aerosign, or just make a note of their names and their contact information.

The website also has detailed flight times and itineraries, so you can quickly see which ones are the cheapest, most reliable, and most frequent.

To find the best fares to Tehran, check out our guide to finding Iran Air tickets.

Iran Air to Dubai The cheapest flights to Dubai are from the city of Al-Jazira, with fares starting at $400, according to our guide.

Other airlines include Dubai Air and Etihad Airways.

If you need a more specific itinerary, you can try going to Dubai Airport instead.

If traveling with children, we recommend going to a city that has plenty of children’s attractions, like the beach, the shopping mall, or the city’s entertainment district.

The Dubai Airport is a big hub for business travelers, and it’s located about 40 miles east of the capital, as you can see in the map below.