Oman’s government is trying to get online ticketing systems up and running by the end of the year, but many passengers say they are being told they can’t buy the tickets online, because the authorities won’t let them.

Air Arabia’s website says it has “completed the registration process” for online tickets in Oman, which is an official announcement.

However, online tickets are not valid until they are validated by the authorities.

Air Jordan 1 was among the first to have an online ticket, but only after the airline received a court order to do so.

It had to make changes to its online system to comply with the order.

Now, the airline is working to change its online booking process and the process is being made more robust.

It has introduced a new ticket verification process that allows users to create multiple online tickets and validate them by visiting the airline’s official website.

Airlines in the region, which has the world’s largest economy, have been struggling to find ways to offer more affordable online ticket purchases for years.

Some airlines have been forced to shut down online operations altogether.

Air JL has been struggling with poor service in recent months, with frequent delays and cancellations of flights.

The airline is offering discounts to passengers for connecting flights to destinations in Oman.