Rumbo Air Tickets, a new way to book tickets online, is set to launch next month in select U.S. cities.

The service, which is expected to launch in the next two months, offers up to 20 seats on the cheapest flights, which can cost as little as $40 a person.

The site’s first trip will cost $5,000, but a second trip could be booked for $20,000.

The company said that in the coming weeks, the prices will drop significantly.

Here are some tips on booking a flight.1.

Booking online is the safest way to fly.

You can get a ticket online without having to wait for a plane to arrive or a hotel to be ready.2.

AirBnb will only be available in select cities.3.

The airline’s service is designed to work with AirTran, a smartphone app.

It will not be available on a computer.4.

The website has a “no reservations” policy, meaning it does not require reservations.

If you do want to reserve a seat, you must do so in person.5.

AirTn does not offer direct bookings.

Instead, you will be able to book on the website or through AirBNB’s mobile app.6.

The app will be updated throughout the summer and fall, so you will have to pay extra for new seats.

The price of a ticket depends on how many flights you book.7.

The AirBbn website does not have the ability to book through other means, like hotels.

But the app can book directly through the website.8.

If your flight is booked online, you may need to go to the airport to pick up your ticket.9.

To book your seat, enter your zip code in the search box and the airline will send you an email with a link to the website that will let you select your preferred seat.10.

You will need to make a deposit for your seat and confirm that the deposit is correct.

The amount of the deposit depends on the airline, the amount of seats you have booked, and the price of the flight.

You’ll have to confirm the deposit at the airport.11.

You may need an AirBinance card to access the website, but the app does not yet support this feature.

You must register and then pay with your credit card, or use an ATM or cash.