The airline will soon be the first in the world to offer flights to and from Cathay airport, in the south of Taiwan.

The airline said on Thursday that its flights from and to Taiwan will be available on April 6, 2018.

They will be the cheapest fares to and fro, said Cathay Airlines CEO Lin Tai-chung.

A Cathay Airways flight from Hong Kong will cost about NT$1,500, while a Cathay flight from Taiwan will cost NT$7,600.

Cathay will also be offering flights to mainland China, starting on March 16, 2018, and Hong Kong on March 26.

The Cathay route from Hong, Taiwan to mainland mainland China will be operated by the Chinese Airlines Group and Cathay Cargo.

Cathays flights will be free to mainland Chinese passengers and will also carry Cathay Passengers.

Cathay has already sold tickets to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It already has a flight to China’s Taipei airport from Hong Lei International Airport and a flight from Taipei to Beijing.

This is the second time the airline has offered a Cathayan ticket to mainland Taiwan.

The first Cathay Flight to Hongkong from Hongkongs airport in March 2019, for Cathay passengers, cost about HK$2,200.