A Canadian airline has released a guide on how to avoid getting burned by a fire or even caught in the crossfire of a terrorist attack.

The National Airlines of Canada said Wednesday that in the event of an incident at a Canadian airport, a passenger is only required to notify the airline of their intention to leave the country.

The airline, which has operated in the country for more than a century, said passengers are required to inform them of the time, date and destination of their flight.

The guidelines, issued by the airline’s website, say passengers should call the airline if they have an emergency, but that passengers should also contact a member of the cabin crew and inform them if they are concerned about their safety.

The guide includes a list of the steps to take should they experience an incident that involves an incident management team, a member from the cabin, a flight attendant, or other cabin personnel.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is responsible for ensuring the safety of the airline employees who handle security and air traffic control systems.

The airline said in an email that its safety procedures are based on the best available information and that it is working with CATSA to update its policies and procedures.

The latest terror attack to hit Canada occurred last month, when a man detonated a suicide belt at a Toronto airport.

A Canadian man was arrested in connection with the plot, but authorities later said they did not know his name.