The average cost of airfare for travelers in Africa is about $15.

In 2015, a Kenyan Airways flight cost around $5.50, according to a report by the African Development Bank.

That means that a passenger on a plane from Kenya to Nigeria will pay around $20 for a single flight to Nigeria and about $10 for a one-way flight to Tanzania.

That’s a significant discount from the price of a ticket on the continent, but it’s still more expensive than the price on the market in the U.S. and Europe, where airfares are typically much cheaper.

A flight from Kenya, however, would normally cost about $3.80.

This means that if you’re in Kenya, the difference between the cost of a plane ticket and airfare in the US is a relatively small percentage of your overall cost.

You could also save money by using a cheaper airline.

While many travelers in Kenya would love to fly to Nigeria, the cost is too high for them to make the trip.

For example, the Kenyan Airways flights from Kenya cost $8.80 each way, which is less than half the price you would pay for a ticket in Nigeria, but still far too high.

Another option is to use a cheap airline to fly from the U-Bahn to Kenya and back.

These low-cost flights, however they are, do not have the same value as airfare.

For instance, the flight from Berlin to Berlin costs about $5 each way.

This price is also far less than the cost to fly in the same way from Nigeria.

If you can get a cheap flight from the airport in Berlin to Nigeria on a cheap, low-mileage plane, then you will save even more money by flying the same route on a budget airline.

In fact, you could save a lot of money by booking flights with AirfareWatch to compare prices.

There are many different airlines and routes that you can book to get from the airports of Africa to Europe.

In addition to the airlines and flights listed above, there are a lot more options for travelers to choose from.

For more information on the cheapest flight you can fly on a low-fare airline, read this.

You can also compare different types of flights between the U.-Bahn and the African Airlines network.

If your travel plans require a few flights to the same destinations, it’s a good idea to book a direct flight from one of these carriers, which can cost around as little as $1.20 per person.

If, however the cost between your flights are less than $1, you may be able to save money with flights from Nigeria, which offer much lower fares.

A direct flight between Nigeria and Europe costs between $1 and $2.50.

If that sounds like a lot, consider that there are other ways to save even a little bit more money.

Travel by AirfareOne of the most common ways to fly is by air. offers a variety of options for buying airfare, including a list of the best airlines in Africa, as well as a list with links to other online travel sites that provide discounted prices.

This list of airlines is not exhaustive, however.

In some cases, you can choose from a limited number of airlines that offer flights that will work well for your needs.

For an even greater variety of airlines to choose by, you should consider booking through an airline’s website. also offers a search tool that will allow you to search for the airline nearest you.

This is a great way to see which airlines are available near you, which are the cheapest, and which offer the best value for money.

The list below lists the best low-priced airfare options in Africa.

It also lists the airlines that provide the best fares for the lowest prices.