We spend on average £3.13 per seat per trip, according to data from SeatGeek, an online marketplace where passengers compare flights and bookings for the best prices.

The cheapest air ticket in the world costs £18.99.

But the cheapest seats on the road are usually at airports where there are frequent departures.

And for many airlines, these cheap fares are just a small part of the deal.

Many passengers use their own credit cards to buy seats, usually for cheap, short-haul flights from other cities.

But what about for travel on public transport?

Many airlines use public transport for a cheaper price, although they’re not always the cheapest option.

How much does it cost to travel on a public transport ticket?

Transport Minister John Hayes has said that the price of public transport tickets is a “big question mark”.

The latest figures from the UK Transport Research Laboratory, published last month, show that the average fare paid on a one-way trip on a train or bus is £7.80, compared with £13.10 for the cheapest travel-on-a-public-transport ticket.

A single ticket on a tram in London costs £12.20, while a one hour journey on the London Underground costs £17.20.

How do you get a cheaper ticket?

For the cheapest ticket, the cheapest price is usually in advance, but sometimes this is not available.

Some airlines have a ‘fare credit’ option that allows passengers to pay a lower fare upfront, and then use their credit card to buy their ticket on the platform.

If they do this, the price may drop further down the line.

You can find out more about how to book a travel ticket on SeatGeeking, but before you do, read our guide on how to find cheap fares on the train or the bus.

How often do you need to buy a ticket?

The answer depends on the type of flight you’re travelling on.

A flight that takes more than 15 minutes to arrive at your destination is usually cheaper than one that takes less than five minutes.

A shorter flight takes less time to arrive and is therefore cheaper than a longer flight.

How can I compare prices of flights on different airlines?

Some airlines are not available to book on Seatgeek.

For example, Virgin Atlantic has no direct flight links to London.

For those who use a direct booking link, you can compare fares on Virgin Atlantic by clicking here.

However, you must book a flight on a Virgin Atlantic website, which means the fares can vary from place to place.