Emirates is set to offer a first-rate airfare option for its international customers on Emirates travel, starting with the first-generation Airbus A380 and A380-500.

The new Emirates A380 first-gen aircraft is a twin-engine aircraft with a maximum capacity of up to 220 passengers and up to 12 crew, according to Emirates.

The A380 has a range of 8,600km (5,100 miles), and has a capacity of 7,500 passengers and 12 crew.

The A380 will be available on Emirates’ online booking portal in the coming days.

According to Emirates, the first Emirates flight to Dubai will take place on March 27, with more flights planned, including those to Abu Dhabi and Singapore, to take place in the first half of April.

The airline will also be offering a new business class class to its customers, including the Emirates A320neo and A320j, as well as the A320n, A320m, and A330neo.

The Emirates A340 and A350 first-seaters have been in production for some time, but the A380 is expected to be the first aircraft to be made in the UAE.

It will be the airline’s first aircraft with an Airbus engine.

The first aircraft Emirates will make in the US is the A350neo, which will arrive in 2018.

The Airbus A350 has been on sale since April 2015.

Emirates is also working on the A340neo with its partner, Embraer, but no details have been revealed.