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Who’s your favorite Air Trip?

A new list from the Lonely Planet magazine reveals who your favorite airlines are. The Lonely Planet list has some notable names that I personally would have never considered on my own itinerary, but they’re just some of the notable airlines that have landed on the list. It’s a list of the top ten most popular travel […]

A New Way to Make the World a Better Place

article by New Scientist editors:Air fares are going up and so is the cost of living.If you live in a big city, the costs are going to get even higher.For example, you’ll pay £3,400 a year for a round-trip ticket to New York and London.That’s about £5,000 more than the average cost of a round […]

How to buy cheap air tickets for a Chinese flight

You can buy cheap tickets for China for just £8.88 on AirBnB from now until February 15.AirBnBs cheapest booking option for a direct flight from Shanghai to London costs just £3.85. AirBnb is the second largest booking platform for direct flights, after Skytrax.The cheapest airfare for a single return flight from Hong Kong to London from […]