By Tim Lott/BloombergB2B air tickets to Iran, Lebanon and Egypt will become more affordable starting April 10, according to a new report from Travelocity.

Travelocity, which helps airlines sell tickets to travelers, said the change is a sign of confidence in the Iranian economy.

The company also noted that Iran’s tourism industry, which has been largely dormant since the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, is looking to revive.

“Iran has been a significant market for airlines and travel services for years, and Iran has proven to be a top market for B2C airlines and B2G travel services, particularly in the Middle East,” the report said.

B2Bs have also been a popular option for travelers to travel to Syria, Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries.

“The potential for this change has been discussed for a while and was approved last year by the Iranian Parliament,” the travel-focused travel-research company said.

Iran’s new travel rules are not yet in effect, but travel-hub operator Aliraj says it expects them to be fully implemented by April 11.

Iranian travelers can already buy tickets online, at the airport or through Aliras airline.

“By the time the new regulations are fully implemented, we expect that the country will be one of the most accessible destinations for travelers,” Alirazan said.

The new rules are expected to be enforced with the help of an army of inspectors.

Travelers who already hold Iranian passports will not need to obtain an Iranian passport, according the Travelocity report.

The U.S. Department of State has warned travelers to avoid Iran as a travel destination as the country has been targeted by a series of terrorist attacks in recent years.

The United States has imposed sanctions on the country in the past.