Passengers must use their air travel tickets to go abroad if they want to use a domestic credit card.

China Airlines is making that change.

The airline is phasing in a new rule requiring travelers to use their China Airpass credit card to pay for domestic air travel to foreign destinations.

Passengers can still book tickets for domestic flights on other airlines, though.

You can still travel internationally with the credit card, but only for domestic travel.

We’re not sure why airlines have to make this change, but we suspect it’s to make sure travelers don’t misuse the cards.

In fact, the airline has even given travelers a reminder to use the credit cards in the United States.

If you have a credit card in China, you can still purchase tickets to international destinations with it.

However, you’ll need to buy a ticket to a destination on the same airline’s schedule as the domestic trip.

This can be tricky because China Airlines doesn’t always update its schedules with the latest dates.

This change is expected to take effect March 31.

I’m curious about what you’ll be paying for the change.

Are you paying more for a domestic ticket?

If so, do you expect that your flight will be cheaper?

Are you expecting a lower price on your flight?

Will it still cost more?

If you already booked your flight online and didn’t have to use an airline credit card and can’t use the card again, what should you do?