Air Greenlands first flight took place on March 6, 2017, at the Lufthansa-owned Frankfurt Airport.

The company is now planning to use the route to transport passengers between Germany and Japan.

The flights will cost a combined $2,400 (about £1,800).

Here’s what you need to know about Air Greenllands first passenger flight: Air GreenLands first passenger plane will take off from Frankfurt Airport on March 7, 2017 The flight is the first flight to take off on Air Green Lands first passenger aircraft.

The plane will fly from Frankfurt to the Lübeck-Nürnberg Air Base in Germany.

The airbase is used by the Löw-Bremen airport, which is currently home to the largest commercial airport in Germany, which has a capacity of almost 8.4 million passengers a year.

The flight will depart on February 23 from Frankfurt and arrive in Japan on February 24.

“Air Greenlands will be able to make this journey with minimal disruptions to the normal schedules of its customers,” Air GreenLand said in a statement.

Air Green Land will operate the plane from Lübringen Airport in Bavaria.

The Lübenden Airport is one of the most densely populated airports in the world and has a population of about 8 million people.

The airport is also home to one of Germany’s largest military bases, the Bundeswehr.

“Lübeck is a key destination for Lübel Airports, with a strong connection with Germany’s air force, the air force’s air transport authority and other key sectors, including logistics and logistics services,” the airline said.

Air Greens first flight is scheduled to depart Lübesberg Airport in Lübersdorf, Bavaria on February 27.

“The first flight will take place on February 28 and will then fly to Lübing, where the aircraft will fly back to Luebeck,” the company said.

The airline also said that the first aircraft is expected to arrive at Lügersdorf Airport on February 29.

Air-Greenlands is planning to take the Luedersdorf flight on a new route.

“We are excited to begin this new journey and are looking forward to returning to Luedberg for the second leg of our flight to Japan,” AirGreenLand said.

“In total, we will spend about €5,000,000 of our own funds to carry out the first round of flights.”