France has a unique system of air fares which allows tourists to travel from Paris to any airport in the world and book a ticket without paying any extra.

But a recent study has revealed that the discounts on French air tickets are only available to people living in the US.

The cheapest way to fly from Paris in the EU, to any other country in Europe and the UK, is by air train and is the cheapest option.

Air France, the country’s biggest airline, says the discounts are offered to customers in the UK and the US to provide them with “cheap and reliable” travel.

It’s not the only country offering this deal, but the discounts in France are unique, according to the British Airways website.

“The cheapest way of travelling to France is by public transport, but there are many options available,” the website states.

“We will offer you the best rates on the cheapest fares for public transport in France.”

The British Airways site does not state exactly how much the discounts have been offered to passengers in the other countries in the European Union, or how many people have signed up to be eligible.

But one UK-based travel agency has revealed a number of different routes, which include Paris-Brest-Paris, Paris-Luxembourg, London-Newark, Paris, Paris Saint-Germain, Rome and Barcelona.

Air France’s official website, which does not disclose its customer numbers, says that the “lowest fares available” are “available for booking on the ground in France”.

“Air France offers discounts on the most popular international flights, for example, the Paris-St-Denis, Paris to London, Paris St-Denys, Paris and Paris-Rome,” the site says.

“However, for flights from London to Paris, it is only possible to book the tickets on the plane.

For other destinations, the most expensive options are the flights to Rome and Berlin.”

This is not the first time Air France has been criticised for offering this type of deal to people in the United States.

In September 2017, British Airways cancelled a planned round-trip between London and the American city of Philadelphia.

However, the airline defended the policy by saying the deal “would allow us to offer the lowest fares for our customers in North America, in the shortest possible time”.

In March 2018, US-based company JetBlue Airways, also a popular US airline, announced that it was offering the cheapest seats in the airline’s cabin to US citizens, a move that angered some Americans.

In January 2019, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice against Air France and JetBlue claiming that the airlines had violated antitrust laws.

The FTC filed the complaint on behalf of customers, who allege that the companies had been unfairly discriminating against Americans.

AirFrance and JetTrip have already launched investigations into the FTC charges.

Meanwhile, British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation says that Air France will offer the cheapest airfare in the province.

JetTrip said in a statement that the fares will be “cheaper than what you would find in other countries”.

“JetTampons fares are the lowest in Canada and most affordable in the whole of the United Kingdom,” the company said.

“We are proud to offer our customers the best prices in Canada.”