The New Yorker magazine is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, and it is one of the best ways to get to know the world of fashion and lifestyle.

But there are many other ways to find out more about the magazines coverage of your favorite fashion brands.

And for that, we’ve rounded up our favorite Air Jordana articles.


Air Jordan 2.

New York Fashion Week 3.

Air Maxx 4.

Air Jordanas 50th Anniversary 5.

New Air Jordanes Air Max X 6.

Air Zippo 7.

Airmax 30 8.

Air Aneks 9.

Air Force One 10.

Air Minus 11.

AirMax 30 II 12.

Air Yeezy 13.

Air Magico 14.

Air Prestige 15.

Air Tango 16.

Air Nikes 17.

Air Zoom 18.

Air Black 19.

Air Pacemaker 20.

Air J. Crews 21.

Air Vetements 22.

Air Shoe Diaries 23.

Air Originals 24.

Air High Top 25.

Air Polo 26.

Air Air Jordens 27.

Air XS 28.

Air Elites 29.

Air Bags 30.

Air Sneakers