Month: October 2021

What is Amazon Air and why is it on my holiday list?

USA Today – The Amazon Air service allows consumers to rent, buy and deliver Amazon packages using their smartphone or tablet.It is available for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy devices.The service launched in September 2018.Amazon’s website offers a selection of its own branded products.Amazon Air is available to customers in the United […]

How the Norwegian Air Ticket Repayment Program Works

The Norwegian Air ticket reimbursement program works by giving you a voucher to use to get a flight back home.The voucher you receive will be a credit to your Norwegian credit card or debit card, whichever you prefer.When you buy the voucher online, it can be redeemed for an airplane ticket, a hotel stay, or […]

An air ticket to paradise?

Air tickets are expensive, but for the first time ever, there are people who can afford to buy them.A new AirTicket company has been set up that lets people travel from Australia to New Zealand for $3,500.It comes after air travel became a more affordable option for many.The website says it has more than […]