How to get your own plane ticket for Ghana

We’ve all heard the “Airport to the airport” joke.When you want to fly out of Ghana, you head to a few small cities and airports and hop on a flight that’s usually in a few hours.But if you want a full flight from your home country, you’ll have to go to a bigger airport.That means […]

Why are the new Berlin Air tickets so cheap?

The Berlin Air is a luxury, but it’s not for everyone.And for some people, the cost of a Berlin flight could be a lot higher than the average ticket price in the U.S. The city’s airfares are more than 10 times higher than those in most other major U.K. cities, according to data from travel-tracking […]

Why you should always buy cheap airline tickets

When you buy cheap air tickets you might be surprised to discover they’re actually quite good value.For example, you could buy a one-way ticket to Paris on Cathay Pacific for about $20.Or if you want to go to the Philippines, you can buy a ticket for $50 on the cheaper Philippine Airlines website.Cheap air tickets […]